Automatically in compliance always in control

Taxmarc is an indirect tax engine that can determine the appropriate indirect tax treatment of any sales or purchase transaction.

It can handle any scenario, from simple AB transactions with 2 parties in the chain, to complex ABCD flows which involve 4 parties.


Optimise your <strong>indirect taxes worldwide</strong>Optimise your indirect taxes worldwideAutomatically in compliance always in controlAutomatically in compliance always in controlstock
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  • Optimize your tax codes in SAP

    Optimize your tax codes in SAP, work efficient, save money and time In the event of rate changes, new tax codes need to be setup in SAP. Over time, this results in a myriad of tax codes causing confusion for your accounting department and leading to errors. Because of the multiple recent Indirect tax rate […]

  • Realtime insight in your transaction flows

    Taxmarc will determine what type of flow the transaction is part of. The fields that standard SAP does not have but are relevant for tax determination will be added by Taxmarc during the process.

  • Smart testing approach

    Smart testing approach Many companies are afraid to adjust their tax configuration in SAP because they do not know what the impact will be on all existing scenarios. To solve this problem, it is common practice to build a point solution. We are pretty sure that you recognize this. A point solution is never the right […]

  • Does your system enable you to easily assess the impact of registering your company for VAT in an additional country

    Taxmarc can be used for assessing the impact when your company decides to take a new VAT registration number in the EU

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