Enhanced SAP functionality

Determine the correct indirect tax treatment for any sales and purchase transaction

Correct tax treatment

The main purpose of the Taxmarc tax engine is to determine the correct indirect tax treatment for any sales and purchase transaction.

The Taxmarc agent complements and enhances the tax functionality of a Standard SAP system. In other words it makes SAP more ‘intelligent’ and fills in the gaps when it comes to indirect tax.

  • It allows you to easily have a separate invoice number range per company and per country the company is registered in (a requirement in some countries).
  • It provides the correct information to print on your sales invoices (company and customer registration number as well as EU VAT texts). This guarantees the invoices you issue are compliant.
  • It makes sure self invoices are generated whenever required and not just for intra EU transactions
  • It contains tools to mass update sales or purchase documents whenever you find you need to change your config settings (I.e. you find a material was classified incorrectly or you forgot to enter a company registration).
  • It provides reports that help you analyze in how many cases the tax code was manually overwritten, causing possible incompliance
  • It includes lots of trouble shooting tools that allow you to analyze tax determination in processes that take place in the background (like IDOC postings).
  • It enhances the sales – purchase tax code mapping (OBCD) during automated IC purchase postings
  • It allows you to classify a material per tax reporting country instead of per plant
  • It guarantees that an order with different reporting countries per line will be split into multiple invoices so you can report it correctly.
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