In full control of all pickup transactions in SAP

Published on: 28.07.2023

In the new release of Taxmarc, an extension will be delivered to become in full control for pickup scenarios cross border.

In cases of pickup scenarios cross border, shipping documents are required to be provided for full audit compliance. In standard SAP, this is currently not addressed and will potentially lead to compliance issues later.

With this new development, we deliver the option (optional) to create the invoice only when the shipping documents have been received. The shipping documents will then be added in SAP to the sales invoice, making these documents immediately available during an audit.

A cockpit will display all pickup cross border transactions.

In this cockpit, the received shipping documents can then be added to the order and, if the invoice has already been created, to the invoice.

If the choice is made to create the invoice only when the shipping documents are received, there is of course the possibility that the shipping documents are not delivered by the collecting party.

With a simple action you can indicate in Taxmarc that no shipping documents will be delivered for this pickup transaction.

In most cases Taxmarc will then generate the invoice with local VAT/GST. It is also possible that the invoice is put on hold by the embedded tax control framework because local VAT/GST is not desirable.


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