Optimize your tax codes in SAP

Published on: 10.11.2022

Optimize your tax codes in SAP, work efficient, save money and time

In the event of rate changes, new tax codes need to be setup in SAP. Over time, this results in a myriad of tax codes causing confusion for your accounting department and leading to errors. Because of the multiple recent Indirect tax rate changes around the world, and the 2-character limit in SAP, companies are even running out of available tax codes.

With the integrated Taxmarc Tax Code Optimization module, no new tax codes are required in case of Indirect tax rate changes. Only the effective Indirect tax rate dates need to be changed in SAP.

A unique feature of this module is the centralized tax rate function. Tax rate changes are set up only at one place without the need to replicate these rates in your sales and purchase conditions. This prevents mismatches and unnecessary errors and saves on maintenance cost. Your sales and purchase tax conditions are simply set up once without a rate.


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