Press release: Taxmarc Independent

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 14-02-2022: Press release

PwC decided to sell the SAP certified Taxmarc solution to an independent company.

Summary transaction

Since 2015 Taxmarc has been part of PwC, an indirect tax solution that has successfully been implemented with multiple multinational companies. The solution fully automates the indirect tax determination process in ERP systems. Per the first of January 2022, the Taxmarc solution has been sold to and will be owned by an independent company, Taxmarc B.V. which will focus on further developing the Taxmarc solution. The change enables both companies to add focus to their activities, to ensure a more sound business model and guarantee a continuation of the solution in case of a potential audit rotation. This will result in more potential for growth of the solution as well as a more competitive pricing model.

Description of the technology

Taxmarc is an internal and external indirect tax engine which solves a company’s indirect tax challenges at the source. Taxmarc automatically determines the correct indirect tax treatment for each individual sales and purchase transaction in the ERP system. The integrated Tax Control Framework checks every transaction on its indirect tax compliance the moment it is entered in the company’s ERP system.

The new set-up

Taxmarc B.V. will continue with the further technical development of the Taxmarc solution, ensuring the solution will keep on using state-of-the-art technology and catering for the global, ever changing, indirect tax landscape. Therefore, the Taxmarc technical resources will join the new company and thus leave PwC. Taxmarc B.V. will be licensing the software solution to its clients. PwC will no longer offer the core technology of the Taxmarc solution, but will continue as Taxmarc implementation partner. I.e. PwC will continue to offer implementation services for (amongst others) the Taxmarc solution for its current and future clients.

As a technology agnostic implementation partner, PwC will be able to provide companies with end-2-end tax software implementation support from strategy to execution: e.g. indirect tax advice, independent strategic advice on which tax software solution best suits its needs, with the implementation of the solution itself and all related aspects of such an implementation.


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