Smart testing approach

Published on: 10.06.2022

Smart testing approach

‘s-Hertogenbosch, 10-06-2022: Many companies are afraid to adjust their tax configuration in SAP because they do not know what the impact will be on all existing scenarios. To solve this problem, it is common practice to build a point solution. We are pretty sure that you recognize this.

A point solution is never the right solution, because soon your organization will not see the forest for the trees anymore. As a result, the maintenance of the tax solution becomes a labor intensive and expensive burden in the organization.

Because Taxmarc has split their product into Taxmarc agent and Taxmarc core (Please watch our movieTaxmarc Cloud),we are able to run all existing documents through the Taxmarc engine after every configuration change. For every document the tax will be re-determined based on the new configuration. The new tax code will be compared with the tax code already posted on the document in SAP.

Differences will be listed as shown below:

This way, unintended impact of configuration changes is easily identified.

Point solution: a solution for a specific problem rather than a generalized solution.


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