Sales Engine

The Taxmarc Sales engine automatically determines the Indirect tax treatment for outgoing sales orders and invoices posted in SAP and ensures Indirect Tax compliance

The solution not only addresses the shortcomings in standard SAP Indirect tax determination, but also blocks and reports exceptions through the Taxmarc tax control framework in a transparent and easily maintainable way. Every business scenario is immediately and seamlessly checked for Indirect tax compliance.

The main advantages of the Sales Engine are:

  • The indirect treatment is automatically determined and validated against the applicable indirect tax requirements (integrated Tax Control Framework).
  • The sales engine automatically evaluates all related documents in a flow and guarantees the tax treatment of the individual documents is coordinated (for example in an ABC intra EU flow we make sure the Intracommunity supply will be posted on only 1 of the legs)
  • Efficient and effective use of employees. Manual operations in the financial department, Accounts receivable (AR) or the Shared Service Center will mostly be avoided.
  • Your order entry staff does not have to know about indirect Tax and enter specific information to guarantee tax compliance. This saves time on training and prevents errors.
  • The determination of the customer and company indirect tax registration numbers used for the transaction is done during the actual tax decision and stored as part of the Tax results. This guarantees that the invoices you send out state the correct information without having to develop complex logic.
  • Because invalid transactions will be blocked at the earliest point in your process, incorrect tax data will not make it into your financial postings.
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