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Taxmarc Plug and Play is a way to bring the Taxmarc solution in reach for companies that don’t have a large IT department or don’t have the time or resources to spend on an extended IT project.

It is suitable when your company runs on SAP (most versions are supported including S4 Hana), and you use standard transaction flows.

Standard transaction flows do not necessarily equate to simple tax scenarios. With standard transaction flows we mean that the documents that are part of one tax relevant flow are linked in a standard way. For example a drop ship scenario is a scenario where a sales organization sells to a customer but the goods are delivered directly to the customer from an external vendor. In order for both the sales and purchase tax to be determined correctly, the Taxmarc engine needs to recognize the link between the purchase order and sales order. If the link is made in the SAP system in the standard way, meaning using a ‘TAS’ like item category that generates the PO and makes sure the PO is linked to the SO in the standard SAP document flow, Taxmarc can handle the scenario. If on the other hand you link the 2 documents by using a custom field on the PO to reference the SO, that is not considered a standard business flow and additional config/coding would needed.

Next steps

If the Taxmarc Plug and Play implementation works for you, you will get the full functionality of Taxmarc that can handle all your tax scenarios. And because the Taxmarc agent handles all (standard) transaction flows out of the box, you can do the functional implementation yourself.

The Taxmarc team will perform the technical installation of the software in your SAP system in cooperation with your basis team.

After that you follow the step by step implementation guide and the included online IMG to activate Taxmarc in your system and configure it based on your business requirements.

After activation you run the smart testing tool in your quality system to compare the Taxmarc outcome with the tax postings made based on your legacy setup. When satisfied all differences have been explained, and Taxmarc gives the correct outcome, you can go live and Taxmarc takes over the tax determination in your system.

In summary, with Taxmarc Plug and Play you get access to a Tax engine that can handle even the most complex indirect tax scenarios out of the box. And implementing it just requires you to follow the implementation steps.

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