The history of Taxmarc

Taxmarc started, like so many companies, with a problem and a person determined to fix it.

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How it started

Around the year 2000 the founder, Marc van Rijbroek worked as an SAP consultant for Exxonmobil struggling to correctly record their Indirect tax obligations in a SAP system.

He realized that standard SAP functionality is severely lacking in this area and saw after another consultancy engagement by British Petroleum that other companies would have a need for a solution as well. He got in contact with a company that just failed their tax audit and took on the challenge of implementing a solution for their indirect tax issues. It was 2007 and the first version of the Taxmarc tax engine was born. Building on this success other clients followed. And so did other consultants, most of which are still with the company now. To grow the solution, he decided to sell the intellectual property to PwC in 2015 and joined there as a partner.

Within PwC he managed implementations at large corporations with extremely complex indirect tax requirements while at the same time developing the next generation of the software. Client-companies also wanted to connect their non-SAP systems to this solution which became Taxmarc 2.0., the version, where the data gathering (Agent), and actual Tax determination (Core) are split. This enables large multinationals to run both SAP and other ERPs in parrallel whilst remaining flexible in on-premise or cloud hosting. The first implementation of this new solution was in the summer of 2020 and others followed shortly thereafter.

In January 2022 Taxmarc split off from PwC to solve the internal compliance issues for PwC as an auditor. Together with four other investors who also work at the company and four employees, Taxmarc has become independent from PwC. The intellectual property of the software, which was strongly enhanced over the last few years with over 100.000 SAP-specialist hours invested, resides with Taxmarc. We still have a strong business relation with PwC, which is a valuable implementation partner that companies can use to advise with or even completely run the implementation of Taxmarc. Where our software has a 20+year history and is as robust as any complex multinational could wish, as a company we strive to stay nimble with the personal, can do attitude that founder-led scale-ups offer. We run for our clients.

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